We are stone craftsmen

Specialized in stone from Girona and Basalt, we work with local materials, transforming all types of stones into construction, decoration and restoration pieces.

  • Stone house
  • Flintstone arc
  • Image img 3 portada
  • Noble stones for construction

    We are a company from Mata dedicated to the production of all types of stone. We have machinery to be able to move, cut and transform stones of up to 25 tons. We also grind and transform all types of stones for other companies or individuals.

  • Our specialties

    We specialize in marble and stonework work (arches, columns, lintels, inscriptions, all types of mouldings, sinks, fountains, cobblestones...).

  • Projects we have carried out

  • Building with stone arch
  • Stone road
  • Marble sink
  • Rock sculpture