Pedres Nobles

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We are a company from Mata dedicated to the production of all types of stone. We have machinery to be able to move, cut and transform stones of up to 25 tons. We also roast and transform all types of stones for other companies or individuals.

We have Basalt and Sant Viçens stone from our own quarry. Over time we have acquired a large stock of Basalt de la Garrotxa blocks, authentic Girona stone, Sant Viçens stone, Banyoles stone, country stone, vinaixa or floresta, travertine... which we end up transforming according to the customer's instructions.

Thanks to the range of materials we have in stock, we can replace damaged parts with new parts and age them so that they look truly original. We make pieces for public works, restoration of farmhouses or unique buildings and all kinds of pieces for interior and exterior decoration of the home.

We go on-site to the site to carry out all kinds of repairs, bushings, or to take advantage of stones recovered from the demolition to be used as corners, jambs, etc.

We specialize in stonemason work (arches, columns, lintels, inscriptions, all types of mouldings, sinks, fountains, cobblestones...).

Our area of work is Spain and the south of France, although we also export to the rest of Europe.


  • Bull of 7 tons / Bull of 14 tons.
  • Bridge crane of 25 tons.
  • Hydraulic shear to open pieces up to 30cm thick.
  • Logging machine / Automated block cutter.
  • Automated bridge disc useful cutting up to 20cm and 50cm thick.
  • Monofilament with useful cut of 3.2mx1.8m.
  • Arm sander / Arm sander.
  • Flaming equipment, all types of machine tools and diamond tools for working with stone.
  • Mobile equipment to open large format stones in half.
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